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Shift Interactive New Campaign Media Plan Request

Below please find the online request form to submit your programmatic campaign. Once completed you will receive an email confirmation with all of the details you included - please hit reply all and attach any creative/ad tags, geo fence addresses, etc. You can expect a media plan within 3-5 business days. 
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Campaign Details

In this section you will list out specific campaign details for us to use while building the campaign.
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Campaign Goals

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A single pixel can be used for site retargeting as well as tracking conversions. If you are wanting to do either site retargeting or track online conversions, or both, then select yes.
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Please list off any and all geographic targets for this campaign (Country, region, state, metro area, zip codes, or radius from address(es)). You may also provide a link to a spreadsheet.
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Campaign Creative/Ads

What type of creative will you be running? (Select multiple, if needed) **
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Download link to creative assets (if available):
What page/URL should the creative link to?
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Target Audience Description

Please let us know if you have any other details you would like us to know about your target audience.
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